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Glow In The Dark Pebbles

Are you looking for glow stones for concrete or decoration?

Whether you’re after glow in the dark driveway rocks, glow in the dark stones for aquariums, or any glow in the dark concrete additive…

We provide you with the highest quality glow stones that will boost the ambience of your backyard pool deck, make your front driveway look more appealing, and improve the design aesthetic of any project you are working on.

The glow stones we offer come in a variety of styles. You can even mix and match colours and sizes to create a unique design for your project.

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Glow Stones Can Be Used For

  • Decorating driveways

  • Lighting up water features

  • Replacing regular plant pebbles

  • Aggregate in concrete mix

  • Filling between stepping stones

  • Decor for aquariums or fish bowls

  • Additions to glass staircases

  • Commercial walkways

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About Us

At Concrete Glow Stones, we deliver the highest-quality glow rocks to residential homeowners, concreters, and builders throughout Australia.

No matter what type of design you’re after for your project, our friendly staff can help you choose the right glow in the dark pebbles. While we focus greatly on glow stones in concrete, we also offer stones for fish tanks, asphalt, and anything else you need.

Our mission is to turn the project of your dreams into a reality. Not to upsell you and force you to waste money.

If you need help turning your dream project into a reality, our team of experts can guide you in the right direction. We have experience with supplying glow stones for both residential and commercial projects.

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Our Products

Glow Stones

Our range of high-quality
glow stones made for any project

  • Sizes ranging from 8-15mm in diameter
  • Green
  • Sky blue
  • Aqua blue

Concrete Glow Stones

Our range of high-quality glow stones
made specifically for concrete

  • Sizes ranging from 8-15mm in diameter
  • Green
  • Sky blue
  • Aqua blue

Why Choose Us

  • When you purchase from us, you receive commercial-grade concrete glow stones.

  • This is higher quality than the glow in the dark pebbles bunnings sell or anywhere else you can find in-store.

  • We are so confident that you’ll love our glow stones that we offer a 15-year guarantee.

  • This means you’ll have stones that glow brighter than your neighbours and each stone will keep their glow for longer periods of time.

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Are you ready to turn your boring old concrete into something more exciting? Impress your neighbours and boost your home’s street appeal with some glowing concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our glow stones last over 15 years. For each 30-minute charge under sunlight, you can expect 8-hours of glow time. If you want to invest in glow stones that last, get in touch with us today. Click here to get your free quotation.

Most professional concreters will have experience installing glow in the dark aggregate in concrete. However, the basic steps exposed aggregate concrete are as follows:

  1. Pour concrete mix
  2. Float the surface
  3. Place glow stones where desired
  4. Use a trowel to work the glow stones into the concrete
  5. Apply a concrete retarder to allow for the glow stone aggregate to be visible
  6. Allow the concrete to cure
  7. Wash the concrete with water and a stiff broom to remove concrete retarder

Similar steps can be followed for polished concrete as well.

Note: If any of these steps are not clear to you, ask your concreter for more information. Alternatively, you can contact us by clicking here.

Each individual stone is fused with photoluminescent compounds. This is why they can still retain their strength properties when used as aggregate in concrete. Unlike alternatives, we offer high-quality rocks and pebbles that are evenly infused with a photoluminescent compound. Not just coated on top.

Yes. Our glow rocks are safe for use in aquariums and fish tanks. They will not harm your fish.

In fact, our glow rocks can be beneficial for night feeders. These fish who struggle to find food in the dark will be able to see more clearly with our glow rocks.

Unlike other alternatives which last only several months and need to be sealed with an aquarium safe sealant -- our glow rocks are ready to put into your tank and will last for many years.

For all concreting services, consider Proficient Concreting.

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